Kolt x Jenkvieira


1. What inspired you to become a blogger and when did it start?

I started blogging two years ago. What inspired me to start blogging was my love of photography, travel and the fashion world. Through blogging I found a place in which I can make a difference in peoples lives through outfit inspiration and travel inspo. 

2. Where do you find the inspiration when working on a new project?

I find inspiration in colors, textures, beautiful scenery and exploring the outdoors and natures beauty. 

3. We know you love to travel, but im curious. What country would you like to go back to and why?

I would go back to two places, Greece and Bali, Indonesia. Greece, primarily because it is like heaven on earth given its amazing culture including its delicious gastronomy (especially the Greek Yogurt Ice Cream) and the enchanting scenery, my favorite being the beautiful sunsets. Bali, I loved because of the simplicity of its landscapes and the beauty of its people who were welcoming from day one.

4. Describe your style to us.

I would describe my style as coquette and girly. I can't live without a pair of heels and a flirty playsuit.  

5. What is your favorite place to go to, when you come to Guatemala?

My favorite place in Guatemala is Panajachel ("Pana" as locals call it). You can't go to Guatemala and not visit Panajachel.

6. What advice would you give girls that would like to become a blogger?

I would tell them to not let fear of what others might say or think limit their dreams. I would also recommend they stay true to themselves and make sure to not fall prey to what can sometimes be a very materialistic world, the influencer industry. Follow your dreams and no there are no limits to what you can accomplish. 

7. Whats one place you haven't visited yet, you would like to go to?

I would love to visit Hong Kong. Can't wait to check it off my bucket list.