Mystery Mansion Masquerade Ball

Hello guys! So last Saturday my friend Alpa Rama and I had the amazing opportunity of hosting the red carpet for Mansion Mystery Masquerade Ball. The event was a huge success. A night full of entertainment, mystery, delicious food, open bar, acrobatic performances, dancing, and a fundraiser aimed towards a great cause. 

The night began with the guest arriving in three separate buses to an undisclosed location. How cool was that?! The guests all looked flawless, dressed in their best Masquerade attire. At the mansion, they were greeted with champagne followed by an impromptu photo shoot at the red carpet.

At the end of the night a live auction began to raise awareness and funds for My Haitian is Beautiful Inc. This fundraiser gives education to young girls and improves villages and schools in Haiti (Read more about this organization HERE).  You can also donate and help this beautiful cause HERE. I absolutetly love an event where you can have fun but also give back to those in need. 

Make sure you mark your calendars and keep this event in mind, you don't want to miss it next year! I guarantee you will have a blast! I am deeply grateful to Julie Cezar and The Washington Law Firm for throwing this wonderful event.




Photographer: Daniel Kuykendall


Fabienne Reid was the event cordinator and director of Modernique Events- Corporate & Social.

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