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Hello guys! 

Long time no see, I’m so excited to be back and share this blog post with all of you. I partnered up with Charles & Colvard, a company that manufactures and specializes in moissanite gemstones. They offer unique and fine pieces of jewelry. If you are not familiar with moissanite the world’s most brilliant gem or Charles & Colvard, here are some fun facts straight from their site:

  • “It began more than 120 years ago, during a search for efficient electrical conductors, when Nobel Prize-winning chemist, Dr. Henri Moissan, discovered moissanite (silicon carbide) in a meteorite crater”.

  • Charles & Colvard “been creating moissanite for over 20 years.”

  • Moissanite is one of the rarest minerals found in nature”

Learn more about them HERE and HERE.

I immediately fell in love with Charles & Colvard’s jewelry line. Their gemstones are so beautifully crafted and they definitely out-sparkle all others. I’m wearing the “14K white gold forever one 0.50 CTW Step Cut Baguette Colorless Moissanite Multi-Stone Channel Set Wedding Band”. It’s everything I’ve ever wanted in a ring. The band is so delicate and very feminine. I was blown away by its one of a kind cut. The moissanite stones and harness are resistant to scratching and breaking, which gave me peace of mind.

Charles & Colvard carry engagement rings, wedding rings, fashion rings, necklaces... You name it, they have it! Not only do they offer beautiful pieces of jewelry but they have affordable prices. Keep in mind each stone comes with authenticity and warranty. 

You should definitely check them out and spoil yourself or get a little something for that special someone!



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